Trip Rega for Assistance in Film Making in Uttarakhand

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Assistance Services for Film Making in Uttarakhand

Trip Rega is leading travel agent & destination management company in Uttarakhand. Our Head office is in Rishikesh with associate offices in Haridwar and Delhi. We are providing services related to travel in Uttarakhand since 1995. Over the time of 25 yrs we have been part of diverse range of tours, events, conferences as well have part of many movies made in Uttarakhand. As you know we are not movie production company but many time production companies need local partners for assistances in many things when they are coming with their team in completely unknown area. This is part where we have assisted the production companies so far for Uttarakhand State. We have assisted in research in subject, location finding, local contact building for various kind of necessary things, transportation, catering as well in many other things also

For any inquiries or further information kindly email us at or call us at +91 97589 22888.